Pondering the cats!


I have spent a few weeks now in the studio making things for the Christmas Fairs – while at the same time working on re-instating this web-site, I am struck by the fact that it has been a long while since I made a large piece of work.

I suspect that it is because the garden has been all encompassing for the past few years, leaving me only a few short winter months in the studio. I remember Constance Howard¬†telling me …. Oh 30 years ago now, that you never stay in the same place in your creative endeavours. You either move backwards – or forwards. This comment was a in response to looking over my sketchbooks, while she was (quite rightly) trying to gently encourage me to put more effort into really¬†drawing, observing and using them.

So sifting through past images for creating this website has been a bit of a double edged sword – I look at my “old” work, and think, “Did I really do that? Amazing!” and I look at my current work, like the little cat brooches pictured above and think “Humm cute”

The fear of course is that I have gone too far down the “backwards” route and won’t make up “lost” ground. The pull to create things that will sell for pennies at a Christmas Fair is currently greater than the pull to create images that take weeks, if not months to make. (Well not really pennies – the brooches are a tenner and seem to give enormous pleasure to their new owners …. as they do to me when I make them, and line them up on my table like this).