Pondering the cats!


I have spent a few weeks now in the studio making things for the Christmas Fairs – while at the same time working on re-instating this web-site, I am struck by the fact that it has been a long while since I made a large piece of work.

I suspect that it is because the garden has been all encompassing for the past few years, leaving me only a few short winter months in the studio. I remember Constance Howard telling me …. Oh 30 years ago now, that you never stay in the same place in your creative endeavours. You either move backwards – or forwards. This comment was a in response to looking over my sketchbooks, while she was (quite rightly) trying to gently encourage me to put more effort into really drawing, observing and using them.

So sifting through past images for creating this website has been a bit of a double edged sword – I look at my “old” work, and think, “Did I really do that? Amazing!” and I look at my current work, like the little cat brooches pictured above and think “Humm cute”

The fear of course is that I have gone too far down the “backwards” route and won’t make up “lost” ground. The pull to create things that will sell for pennies at a Christmas Fair is currently greater than the pull to create images that take weeks, if not months to make. (Well not really pennies – the brooches are a tenner and seem to give enormous pleasure to their new owners …. as they do to me when I make them, and line them up on my table like this).

One thought on “Pondering the cats!

  1. Dear Karen, I recently went through my framed pictures and came across your lovely cards. I have 2 of them which I must have bought of you in the 90s. But unfortunately, I do not remember where. Possibly at some Crafts Fayre – I used to visit those very frequently. I stil love you work – and all those things displayed on your website. I d love to show you which cards I have. Maybe there is a way of doing so?

    Anyway – I hope you dont mind me writing to you just like that!

    Best regards,

    Sabine Jenkins

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